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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Installing SAP 30F on Oracle 7.3.4

Why would you need to install 30F on Oracle 7.3.4? I had a client once that was migrating
to a new platform and upgrading from Oracle 7.2 to 7.3.4 and from SAP 30F to 31H. To
save time, we installed 30F on 7.3.4 first, imported the old 7.2 database into the
7.3.4 database, and then upgraded SAP. This cut out the step of upgrading from 7.2 to

  1. Install all items from Oracle 7.3.4 (SAP Oracle 7.3.4 CD)
  2. Copy the files Core34.dll, Core34o.dll, and Nlsrtl31.dll
    from the Oracle 7.2 installation CD to the target Orant/bin directory.
  3. copy (not rename) svrmgr23.exe to sqldba72.exe in Orant/bin
  4. copy (not rename) folder rdbms73 to rdbms72 in Orant
  5. Install Application Server (R3Inst, SAP 30F Kernel CD)
  6. Create the Oracle services with oradim73 -new -sid <SID>
  7. Copy files initnt.ora,, initSID.dba,
    from the 31H kernel CD to
    the install directory (drive:\users\SIDadm\install).
  8. Edit the sapfs.inf file to adjust tablespace sizes
  9. Install the database server (R3Inst, SAP 30F Kernel CD)

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