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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parallel printing to all the SAP device printers

If you have a situation where reports need to be send to multiple printers, you can configure a pool device type. A pool device type contain a list of SAP printers which the reports will be directed to.

Do this in transaction code SPAD for spool administration.

For example, in SPAD, type ZXXX next to the field 'Output devices',

Click the button Output devices.

In change mode, click the Create button.

Specify the Device type of your printer.

Click the tabstrips 'HostSpoolAccMethod'.

In the field "Host spool access method" set to "P: Device Pool".

Click the tabstrips 'DevicePool'

Click the options "Send to all devices in pool".

Type in the list of the SAP printers device you want the report to go to in this pool under the section 'Pool Device List'.

Now, when the users send a print to the new device for e.g. ZXXX, it will print to all the spool device you have specify.

The above step is done using SAP 4.6c

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