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Thursday, May 24, 2007

SAP System Administration: Cleaning the System

There are a number of jobs that should be scheduled to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can run the jobs manually first, and devide how often they should run for the particular system, and then schedule them to run automatically. These jobs delete obsolete files such as print logs, job logs, and ABAP dumps.

  • RSBTCDEL: Deletes old batch jobs (sugg. older than 30 days)
  • RSPO0041: Deletes old print jobs (sugg. older than 7 days)
  • RSBDCREO: Reorganizes batch sessions and logs (sugg. older than 7 days)
  • RSSNAPDL: Deletes short dumps (sugg. default values)
  • RSBPSTDE: Deletes old job statistics (sugg. older than 30 days)
  • RSCOLL00: Statistics collector for performance monitor (this actually is not a cleanup job, but it should be scheduled hourly).

Additionally, there are some cleanup jobs that should be executed manually on a regular basis (usually once a month). These include:

  • sqldba: Use the Show/Cleanup commands.
  • tp: Use the check all and clearold all commands. Make sure to backup the transport directory first.
  • TemSe (temporary seuential data) database check: Transaction SP12. Execute the menu command TemSe database->Consistency Check and delete inconsistent data.

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