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Thursday, May 24, 2007

SAP: Troubleshooting the Client Connection

Checklist for troubleshooting the client connection (do in the listed order):

What to CheckHow to Check ItTips
Client IP configuration
Make sure the client's IP configuration is properly set up.
Find out from the systems administrator what your network settings
should be, and check that your computer is configured properly
if you are using Win95 or Win98, execute winipcfg
from Start>>Run to see the IP configuration.

Network Connection without DNS
Check that your computer can ping the SAP server (via IP address) using
ping <server_ip_address>. If there is no reply,
then probably your computer is configured incorrectly or there is a problem with
the physical network connection of your computer.
You can also try
ping <server_ip_address> -w 10000 (the "-w 10000"
option tells ping to wait 10 seconds before timing out). The problem might be in
a faulty cable attached to your computer, or to a faulty outlet. Try using a network
outlet and a network cable that has already been used by a client to
successfully ping to the server's IP address.
Network Connection with DNS
Check that your computer can ping the SAP server (via server name) using ping <server_name>. If this step fails, but the
previous step succeeded, then your computer is having problems finding the
IP address of the server.
If this step fails, there are several possible solutions:
  • Use the IP address instead of server name. This does not always work.
  • Add an entry for the server in the hosts file of the client machine.
  • Re-configure the DNS settings of the client and/or DNS server (verify
    with system administrator)
Connect to SAP with SAPIcon
Use sapicon (Start>>Programs>>SAP>>SapIcon) to create
a Start Menu shortcut to your SAP system. Use this shortcut to log onto SAP. If an
error is encountered before the SAPGui progress bar fills, then there is a problem
with the SAP client/server connection.
Make sure the system ID (number) and SAPRouter string are correct
in your SAPIcon settings. Check these values with the system administrator.
Connect to SAP with SAPLogon
SAPLogon often messes up and won't connect when it should. If you
cannot connect with SAPLogon, first verify the settings with your system
Often SAPLogon problems go away after re-installation (run SAPSetup).
Connect to SAP: Other
There are some other settings, such as routing, language code page,
or special security, that may need to be changed
before you can connect properly to SAP. Check with your system administrator.

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