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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Adobe Document Service-Document control and security

Protect documents from creation to delivery and beyond

Businesses run on sensitive information. Electronic communications make information security even more critical. For financial institutions e-mailing monthly statements, government agencies making tax forms available on citizen portals, contractors sending design documents to partners for review, or companies preparing financial reports, Adobe Document Services allow the assignment of security parameters to enhance each document in the following ways:
· Confidentiality — Control who has access to the document.
· Authorization — Control what someone can do with the document.
· Accountability — Track what someone does with the document.
· Integrity — Show whether a document has been altered.
· Authenticity — Verify the source of the document.

By combining sophisticated solutions for document control, digital signatures, and document certification with the capabilities of leading security partners, Adobe helps your organization maintain control over how, when, and by whom your documents are accessed. Trusted communications and smoother processes lead to reduced costs, improved employee productivity, and increased customer satisfaction — a winning value proposition for any enterprise.
NEW! Adobe takes an in-depth look at two important document control and security challenges enterprises face today.

· Much of your critical enterprise data exists in electronic documents. Find out how to better manage risk and regulatory compliance while benefiting from more efficient processes.
· Cyber-crime hurts your organization and the confidence of your customers or constituents. Discover Adobe solutions for creating trusted communications.

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