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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Adobe Document Service- Document generation

Make your documents work harder and smarter. Transform any document into a compelling, personalized communication that improves customer satisfaction and reduces operating costs. Assemble content from multiple sources into a single, complete, customized document package that presents a consistent company image — across multiple communication channels. And manage print output throughout the enterprise to improve business efficiency and reduce costs.

Adobe document generation solutions enable your organization to:
· Enhance customer satisfaction with highly customized, personalized communications
· Reduce the costs of creating and storing multiple document formats by standardizing on a single, consistent format
· Improve regulation compliance by helping to ensure the privacy, security, and authenticity of documents

Adobe solutions for document generation
Improve your organization's ability to deliver high-impact customer communications with personalized documents. From dynamically generating documents based on data stored in core systems to converting existing content into Adobe® PDF, Adobe helps you streamline the document generation process.
Adobe document generation solutions give you the power to improve content creation and delivery with Intelligent Documents.

Key benefits of Adobe document generation solutions

· Dynamically generate customized documents.
By merging enterprise data with document templates, organizations can generate customized documents for print, fax, or electronic delivery. Account managers and customer service representatives can create personalized loan agreements, insurance policies, and customer statements — and deliver these documents across multiple channels.

. Convert existing content into PDF documents.
Adobe document generation solutions let enterprises convert virtually any document from its native format into Adobe PDF. The IT department can deploy PDF file creation capabilities as part of a centralized, server-based solution or on employees' desktops to meet individual or departmental requirements. IT managers can also control document properties such as file size, resolution, and security options.

· Assemble multiple files into a single, personalized Adobe PDF document.
For further customization, employees can assemble multiple files — such as cover letters, contracts, and terms and conditions — into a cohesive Adobe PDF document package. They can personalize PDF packages for each recipient with a table of contents, headers, footers, and watermarks. Inserting or extracting metadata allows PDF packages to be integrated with content management systems.

· Safeguard documents with encryption and digital signatures.
By deploying document control and security solutions from Adobe in conjunction with document generation, employees can control how, when, and by whom documents are accessed. They also gain centralized control over the privacy, security, and authenticity of PDF documents.

· Deliver documents across multiple channels and streamline document archiving.
Organizations can easily control the output of PDF documents from a central location. The line-of-business manager can generate customized documents in multiple formats for delivery across print, fax, e-mail, and the web. Documents can also be automatically converted to PDF/A for archival.

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