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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Adobe Document Services ( ADS )

Adobe Document Services

Connect people, information, and processes

Adobe Document Services connect people inside and outside your organization with information critical to your business. Fueled by Adobe® LiveCycle™ J2EE-based enterprise software, Adobe Document Services combine the power of PDF with the flexibility of XML to accelerate the flow of information between people, documents, and enterprise systems — all while providing more control over sensitive information.

Use Adobe Document Services and Adobe LiveCycle software to automate and streamline business processes that span systems, business rules, and departments. Improve customer service and communications with customized Intelligent Documents delivered via any channel. Collaborate with business partners — whether they are inside or outside your organization — more effectively when documents bridge information with back-end systems. And, add persistent security and authentication features to control who can view and interact with documents, from creation to delivery and beyond.

Process management
Realize the full potential of automating human-centric business processes. Streamline operations, enhance customer communications, and improve your organization's ability to comply with regulations. Adobe process management solutions enable you to automate, manage, and track the processes that capture critical data and extend the reach of core business applications.

With Adobe process management — one of Adobe's Document Services — organizations can work with Intelligent Documents to:
· Extend workflows outside the firewall to customers, partners, and suppliers
· Automate processes that integrate with any business system
· Design complex structured and ad hoc workflows — online and offline

See Adobe process management in action

Process management

Adobe process management in action

Adobe process management solutions help you manage the information flow both within your organization and beyond to customers, partners, and suppliers. From constituent case management, to new banking account enrollment, to manufacturing supplier management, Adobe streamlines human-centric business processes.

Process management: Easier with Adobe

Design and manage Intelligent Documents: With intelligent forms and documents, you design once and deploy many times. Once created, the same form template and the intelligence it contains can be deployed in multiple formats — Adobe PDF, HTML, and XML — to users over virtually any medium or device: web, handheld, e-mail, CD-ROM, or kiosk. Build intelligence into any form template to perform calculations and validations and to enable database integration.

Provide online and offline access: Your employees can be online or offline and still fully participate in business processes. Workflows are extended outside the firewall to your customers, partners, and suppliers. Whether by paper, from the desktop, or via mobile device, your customers, partners, and constituents can always connect to your core business applications. So, customers can check order status, partners can update account information, and constituents can complete and submit forms prepopulated with personal data.

Integrate and automate processes: Complex workflows — such as output management, security protocols, and content conversion — are simplified and automated. Workflows are connected even when they span systems, documents, business rules, departments, and web services. People inside and outside the organization can participate in even the most complex workflows.

Add document control and security: Reduce the risk of extending your business processes beyond the firewall. By combining sophisticated solutions for document control, digital signatures, and document certification with the capabilities of leading security partners, Adobe helps your organization maintain control over how, when, and by whom your documents are accessed throughout their lifecycle.
The result? Streamlined business processes, improved productivity, and enhanced security. This is process management, made better by Adobe.

Adobe Document Service- Document generation

Adobe Document Service-Document control and security

Adobe Document Service -Digital signatures

Adobe Document Service-Document control

Adobe Document Service-Accessibility

Adobe Document Service-Collaboration

Adobe Intelligent Documents

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