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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Adobe Intelligent Documents

Work smarter
Information, people, and processes. Each is essential to business, but connecting them is getting more and more challenging.
Expectations are higher for how your enterprise interacts with its most important constituents. Employees need to collaborate with partners outside the security of the firewall. Customers expect personalized, faster service, whether it's over the phone, in person, or online. Regulatory agencies require accurate, timely reports.
Adobe Intelligent Documents streamline these business-critical communications by combining the best characteristics of paper, such as familiarity and ease of use, with powerful business logic in the areas of security, calculations, routing, error checking, and data validation.

By combining XML and Adobe® PDF, Adobe Intelligent Documents help enterprises:
· Extend the reach of core business applications — inside and outside the firewall: Important data from back-end systems easily travels beyond the enterprise to customers, partners, and suppliers.
· Preserve the fidelity of original documents: Adobe Intelligent Documents are more reliable and easier to use because they retain the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of any source file — regardless of the application and platform used to create them.
· Increase document control and security: Password-protect Adobe Intelligent Documents to prevent unauthorized viewing and altering, while enabling intuitive commenting and editing tools for authorized reviewers.
· Archive documents of record: Ideally suited for archiving purposes, Adobe Intelligent Documents can lock down content to create easily searchable, auditable documents of record — especially important for government agencies and highly regulated industries.
Learn more about the other technologies that make up the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform:
· Adobe Document Services: Create, manage, and automate critical business processes with Adobe Document Services.
· Universal client: Interact with Intelligent Documents using ubiquitous Adobe Re

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