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Sunday, June 10, 2007

ALE Message Handler

An ALE Message Handler acts as a bridge between SAP R/3 and another application or multiple other applications. It receives intermediate documents (IDocs) from one or more instances of SAP R/3 and carries them to application(s) for processing. Likewise, it sends IDocs received from applications to one or more SAP R/3 instances.

In contrast to an ALE converter, the message handler will not do any conversion or mapping but instead deliver IDocs without changing them. It is assumed that a message handler has some sort of queuing mechanism and guarantees reliable delivery.

The following SAP CSP members have certified products handling messaging:

  • BEA Systems [BEA eLink for R/3]
  • Compaq Computer [Compaq BusinessBus]
  • Hitachi [Message Queue -Access]
  • IBM (UK) [MQSeries for R/3]
  • Kaba Benzing [B-COMM for R/3 ERP]
  • NEON New Era of Networks [NEONadapter]
  • TIBCO Software [TIB/AcitveEnterprise]
  • TSI International [Mercator]
  • Viewlocity [AMTrix System]

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