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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Backup Solutions for SAP R/3 4.5B on Netfinity Servers running Windows NT

Most companies today are dependent to a greater or lesser extent on their computing infrastructure, but few computing environments can be as fundamental to the operation of a business as SAP R/3. This enterprise resource planning software product is at the heart of a growing number of businesses that range in size from relatively small companies with a few hundred employees to global enterprises with tens of thousands.

Protecting critical business data held within the SAP system from loss can be a crucial factor in ensuring the survival of a company. Whether you want to provide archive storage or to protect against data loss through user error, system failure, malicious damage, or natural disaster, taking regular backups is a necessary process in the management of any important data processing system and SAP R/3 is no exception.

This redbook is aimed at SAP R/3 installations implemented using a Windows NT Server platform running on IBM’s Netfinity range of Intel-based servers. It will help you to implement efficient and reliable backup processes for your SAP R/3 installation. Focus is placed on backing up the core SAP system, that is, the database and application servers that constitute the heart of the product. Solutions have been provided for systems based on the Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server databases. In addition, we have provided one example of a backup solution for a clustered SAP system.

We have assumed you are familiar with the SAP R/3 system in a Windows NT environment. Our backup methodology uses Tivoli Storage Manager, and an introduction to this and related Tivoli products is provided in the first part of the book.


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