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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Best Practices for SAP Business Information Warehouse on DB2 for z/OS V8

This IBM Redbook describes the benefits of DB2 V8 for SAP Business Information Warehouse. It covers best practices, and provides performance and tuning recommendations.
SAP Business Information Warehouse is the central reporting tool for almost all SAP business solutions. It is based on building blocks called InfoObjects that contain data about customers, sales, and business information.

InfoObjects include InfoSources, ODS objects, and InfoCubes. The business intelligence solution from IBM and SAP can help you aggregate and leverage this information, giving you a system-wide view of your business data and delivering it across your enterprise to support sound business decisions.However, this structure can lead to slow performance if the system is not set up and managed according to good database principles.

This redbook describes best practices for this product on a zSeries platform, and provides performance and tuning recommendations for loading and querying data. It also addresses general system administration and troubleshooting.The audience for this redbook includes SAP and DB2 administrators. Knowledge of these products and of the z/OS environment is assumed.


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