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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Building and Scaling SAP Business Information Warehouse on DB2 UDB ESE

SAP is a leading ERP vendor, with a large install base. A key element in their product set is the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW). The primary objective of this IBM Redbook is to provide guidelines to help you implement your SAP Business Information Warehouse on DB2 UDB ESE.
Two major considerations when building a business information warehouse are scalability and performance. In this book, we have demonstrated the wide range of scalability of BW when implemented on DB2, while maintaining the performance requirements that are so critical. The parallelism and data partitioning capabilities of DB2 Universal Database ESE, enables a robust, highly scalable, and high performance business information warehouse.
For a common understanding, we first discuss the concepts of data warehousing and then describe the SAP architecture and robust component capabilities of the SAP business information warehouse. To help in your implementation, we provide guidelines for how to configure SAP BW when it is built on DB2.
We also describe and discuss the key capabilities and parameters to help you get the best from DB2. Key topics such as sizing, partitioning, performance tuning, and systems administration, are discussed to assist in the implementation and maintenance of your system. This redbook will help enable you to more quickly and easily implement a robust SAP BW on DB2 UDB ESE.


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