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Tuesday, June 19, 2007



ALRTCATDEF- Alerts Configuration.

ALRTDISP - Display of Alerts Created

SXMB_IFR -> Start Integration Builder

SXMB_MONI -> Integration Engine - Monitoring

SXI_MONITOR -> XI: Message Monitoring

SXI_CACHE -> To Access IS runtime cache

Test all the Repository and Directory Objects

SXI_CACHE -> XI data directory cacheidx1 -> idoc adapter

IDX2 -> idoc metadata

IDX5 -> monitocr idoc adapter

SM21 -> log di sistema

ST22 -> dump abap (analisi di eccezioni)

SMQ1 ->
messages inbound e outbound queue

SMQ2 -> messages inbound e outbound queue

SMICM -> J2EE administration

ST06 -> stato della macchina cpu memory filesystem machine status - cpu, memory and file system.

ST03 -> workload.

SCC4 -> visualizza mandanti del sistema

WE20 -> partner profiles

sale - ale settings

RZ10 - edit system profile

SM59 ->mantain rfc destinations

BD64 -> mantain distribution model (trasformazioni)

SU01 ->

AL08 ->
list all logged users(user login logon)

SE10 -> Change Request

SE09 -> Change Request

WE05 -> All idocs

WE19 -> IDoc Test Tool

WE21 -> port definition

SE11 -> Data dictionary

SM21 -> log sistema xi

se37 -> mantain funcion modules

SICF -> http server configuration

SMGW -> trace, alzare livello di trace.
BD13 ->
BD64 ->
modelli di distribuzione

PFCG -> Roles

tabella TSTC -> sap transactions codes

tabella TSTCT -> transaction descriptions

STMS -> transports management

apply ABAP support packages

SPAU -> manage objects after apply support packages

SE01 -> manage change requests

SLDCHECK -> Test SLD Connection


SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine - Administration

SXMB_MONI_BPE -> Process Engine - Monitoring

SE38 -> ABAP Editor

SE11 -> ABAP Dictionary

ST22 -> ABAP dump analysis

SPROXY-> ABAP Proxy Generation

SE80 -> Object Navigator

ABAPDOCU -> ABAP Documentation and Examples

SE24-> Class Builder

SM21-> Online System Log Analysis

qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)

SMQ2-> qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)

RZ70-> SLD Administration

SM58-> Asynchronous RFC Error Log

SM59-> RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)

SMICM-> ICM Monitor

WE60-> Documentation for IDoc types

BD87-> Status Monitor for ALE Messages

IDX1-> Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter

IDX2-> Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter

WE05-> IDoc Lists

WE02-> Display IDoc

WE19-> Test tool

WE09-> Search for IDocs by Content

WE20-> Partner Profiles

WE21-> Port definition in XI

SE16-> Data Browser

SE93-> Maintain Transaction Codes

SM30-> Call View Maintenance

SU01-> User Maintenance

SM02-> System Messages

BD54 -Logical System Creation.

SWXF_PBUILDER -> for Detail BPM Process

SMQS - >
to register the destination in QOUT scheduler

to start the queue processing

SMQR - > to register the queue

IDXPW - > to activate the IDOC message package

IDXP - >
to monitor the message packages.

transaction to check prerequisites for integration processes.

Designed by by Shrikanth ,Thanks for Useful information.

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