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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Database Administration Experiences: SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390

The objective of this redbook is to relate our experiences in performing database administration in an environment where the database server of SAP R/3 Release 4.5A is DB2 for OS/390. We used DB2 for OS/390 Release 5.1; this redbook does contain some preliminary information about Release 6. OS/390 Release 2.6 was the operating system on our S/390. The areas documented show the practicality of that environment; that is, how these products deliver a modern reliable processing system, with real value to an enterprise.
All the subjects covered by this redbook deal with database administration. We include common commands an administrator will probably need to use, then include those commands in functions necessary in an SAP R/3 installation. Those functions include backup/restore, reorganization, and handling growth. There is some performance and tuning information, but it is related to the reports and commands that would be used.
This redbook is especially useful for database administrators who need to perform the tasks that are the heart of the solution environment. Those database administrators who are familiar with other database servers commonly used with SAP R/3 will find this book valuable in determining which functions are done differently when using this solution. This book is also of value to consultants and systems administrators who must understand the environment and the means of providing the benefits of that environment.
An understanding of SAP R/3 is assumed, as well as some knowledge of DB2 and how it functions; the book is meant to supplement the information from the standard document libraries of SAP R/3, DB2 for OS/390, OS/390, and AIX.


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