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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dialog Programming FAQ

1) Why do I need to do dialog programming?
Ans: to have your own customized screens and processing

2) What does dialog programming consist of ?
Ans: Screens with their corresponding processing code, Menu , module pool program

3) Difference between the normal report / program and Module pool program?
Ans: Normal report can be run straight away by executing it and useually has a selection criteria – Attributes : 1 online program

Module pool program cannot be run straight away. It first needs to display a screen – attributes : M module pool program

4) What is PBO and PAI?
Ans: Process before output. Code that is executed prior to the display of a screen.
Process after input. Code that is executed after a button on the screen has been pressed.

5) How can I identify which button is pressed?
Ans: “ fcode” attributes of the button. Define the okcode value of the screen (type sy-ucomm)

6) What is the GUI interface to the program?
Ans: The menu bar where you define the ok-codes of the buttons and function keys for the screen. You typically code SAVE, BACK, CANC, EXIT and then more specific codes. CANC (leave to screen 0) allows you to get out of the current screen.

7) What does PAI and Pbo contain by default?
Ans: PBO - MODULE STATUS_0100 - Key / button definitions
PAI - * MODULE USER_COMMAND_0100 - How do you handle thecode behind the button that was pressed

8) If we do not have / give menu bar than what will menu bar have by default?
Ans: Not much -> system , help

9) How many PBO and PAI modules are allowed for a screen?
Ans: one PBO and one PAI

10) In the menu bar can you associate a function key to a button?
Ans: yes

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