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Thursday, June 21, 2007

For implementing ADS few installations and configurations

For implementing prerequisites would be few installations and configurations which are:

SAP Interactive Forms is integrated into SAP Netweaver, and requires the installation of technology components developed by Adobe,


• SAP Web AS 6.40 Java (for all scenarios),
• SAP Web AS 6.40 ABAP (for high-volume print scenarios),
• Adobe document services (run-time component – set of web services),
• Adobe Credential (for creating interactive PDF forms)


• SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio with Adobe LiveCycle Designer (for Web Dynpro for Java development) and/or SAP GUI 6.40 with Adobe LiveCycle Designer (or 6.20 - for developing in SAP Web AS 6.40 ABAP),
• Active Component Framework (for filling interactive forms in a Web Dynpro application),
• Minimum Adobe Reader 6.0.2 or higher; preferably latest version

Requires Netweaver 2004 / 2004s

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