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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Get All SAP R/3 system fields

All SAP R/3 System Field at one Place


SY-SUBRC X(4)Return code. 0 : Ok.

Program and Transaction

SY-REPID C(8)Program: Name of ABAP/4 program.
SY-CPROG C(8)Runtime: Main program.
SY-TCODE C(4)Session: Current transaction code.
SY-SLSET C(14)Name of selection set (variant).
SY-BATCH C(1)'X' => Background active (transaction is running in a batch environment in background mode).
SY-BINPT C(1)'X' => Batch Input (Background or Foreground) active, that is transaction is not called by online user.
SY-CALLD C(1)'X' => Call Mode Active (transaction is called from another transaction).
SY-DYNNR C(4)Number of current screen.
SY-DATAR C(1)Flag: Data Received. That is user has modified or entered new data on the screen (can by used in PAI for user actions analysis).


SY-LANGU C(1)SAP logon language key.
SY-UNAME C(12)Session: SAP user from SAP logon.
SY-HOST C(8)Host.
SY-SAPRL C(4)R/3 System, system release.
SY-SYSID C(8)R/3 System, system Id.

Date and Time

SY-DATUM DSystem: Date. YYYYMMDD. (Appl.Server)
SY-UZEIT TSystem: Time. HHMMSS. (Appl.Server)
SY-DATLO DLocal date of user
SY-TIMLO DLocal time of user
SY-ZONLO DTime zone of user
SY-FDAYW X(1)Factory Calendar Date: Number of week day.

Character Strings Processing

  • Comparisons with Character Strings and Numeric Strings: Offset or string length.
  • SEARCH string statement: Offset of found substring.
  • SEARCH internal table statement: Offset of found substring in the table line.

Messages Handling

SY-MSGID C(2)Message Id.
SY-MSGTY C(1)Message Type.
SY-MSGNO N(3)Message Number.
SY-MSGV1...SY-MSGV4 C(50)Message Variables.
SY-MSGLI C(60)Message Line.
If after calling a method of an OLE2 Object sy-subrc=1
(that is system error occured while communicating with the presentation server),
then this field should contain short description of the error.

Lists Processing

Current parameters of the report:
SY-LINSZ X(4)Current line size of the report.
SY-LINCT X(4)Current page length of the report.
SY-VLINE C(1)Current vertical line character ('').
SY-ULINE C(255)Current horizontal line characters ('-...-').
SY-TVAR0...SY-TVAR9 C(20)Current placeholders in the list header (usually &0...&9).
Parameters of the current window:
SY-SCOLS X(4)Line size of the current window.
SY-SROWS X(4)Number of lines in the current window.
List Status:
SY-TITLE C(70)Title of the current list.
SY-PFKEY C(8)F key status of the displayed list.
SY-LSIND X(4)Index of list created by current event (basic list = 0, 1st details list = 1, ...).
Information about the list from which the event was triggered:
SY-LISTI X(4)Index of the list level from which the event was triggered (index of this list).
Usually SY-LSIND - 1.
SY-UCOMM C(70)Function code that triggered the event.
SY-LILLI X(4)Absolute number in the displayed list of the line from which the event was triggered.
SY-LISEL C(255)Contents of the line from which the event was triggered.
SY-CUROW X(4)Position of the line in the WINDOW from which the event was triggered (counting starts with 1).
SY-CUCOL X(4)Position of the column in the WINDOW from which the event was triggered (counting starts with 2).
SY-CPAGE X(4)Page number of the 1st displayed page of the list from which the event was triggered.
SY-STARO X(4)Number of the 1st line of the 1st page displayed of the list from which the event was triggered (counting starts with 1).
Possibly, a page header occupies this line.
SY-STACO X(4)Number of the 1st column displayed in the list from which the event was triggered (counting starts with 1).
Current output position:
SY-PAGNO X(4)Current page number.
SY-LINNO X(4)Line number on the current page of the current output position.
SY-COLNO X(4)Column of the current output position.

Internal Tables Processing

SY-TABIX X(4)Current index (after APPEND, COLLECT, READ TABLE operations, while LOOP processing).
SY-FDPOS X(4)SEARCH internal table statement: Offset of found substring in the table line.
SY-TFILL X(4)Current number of lines After DESCRIBE TABLE, LOOP AT, and READ TABLE
SY-TLENG X(4)Current length of lines
SY-TOCCU X(4)Initial main memory allocated to the internal table

Loops Processing

SY-INDEX X(4)Current index (in DO, WHILE blocks).

Open SQL

SY-DBCNT X(4)Number of lines affected or already been processed by the Open SQL operation.

Screens Processing

SY-STEPL X(4)Index of the screen table row that is currently being processed.
Has a meaning only inside LOOP...ENDLOOP (looping through currently displayed rows of screen table and calling PBO/PAI modules).
SY-LOOPC X(4)Total number of screen table lines currently displayed on the screen.

Printing to Spool

SY-PEXPI N(1)Print parameters, spool retention period
SY-PRIMM C(1)Print parameters, print immediately
SY-PRREL C(1)Print parameters, delete after printing
SY-PRBIG C(1)Print parameters, selection cover page
SY-PRNEW C(1)Print parameters, new spool request
SY-PDEST C(4)Print parameters, output device
SY-PLIST C(12)Print parameters, name of spool request
SY-PRDSN C(6)Print parameters, name of spool dataset
SY-CALLR C(8)Print list, ID for print dialog function (e.g. NEW-PAGE)
SY-PTITL C(70)Print parameters, title of print program
SY-PRREC C(12)Print parameters, recipient
SY-PRTXT C(68)Print parameters, text for cover page
SY-PRABT C(12)Print parameters, department on cover page
SY-PAART C(16)Print parameters, print formatting
SY-PRCOP N(3)Print parameters, number of copies
SY-SPONO N(10)Print list, spool number

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