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Thursday, June 7, 2007

High Availability Considerations: SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS

This redbook will help systems administrators, database administrators, managers, and operations staff to plan, install, and administer the usage of SAP R/3 with DB2 for OS/390 as the database management system on the SAP R/3 Database Server. It is designed to address the issues of high availability in that environment. It is one in a series of redbooks about such an environment.
High availability and continuous availability are key concerns of large customers who depend on their SAP R/3 system. Indeed, the availability built into SAP software is an important reason for customers to choose this as a basis for their business operations. DB2, S/390 hardware, and the OS/390 operating system now have built-in features that enable customers to optimize availability.
In this redbook, we also address the impact of failure in components related to the database server and application servers. We describe the techniques used to eliminate single points of failure and to minimize the impact of failures for unplanned outages. We also describe how to maintain availability during planned outages (those situations when a component will not be available due to maintenance or re-configuration activities.

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