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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How do you run a report for a row in table?

Using Graphics Multiplexer. There is an option some thing similar to screen capture
which captures data only. Using that data you can draw graphs (3D and 2D). This option
is available all the time from Menu! -> Generate Graphics which captures the data then
you need to drag and select the data you want to draw a graph on. Once you select you
can click on Graphics, which launches graphics multiplexer.
Memory Management

SAP memory (Global Memory): - is available to a user during the entire duration of
a terminal session. Its contents are retained across transaction boundaries as well
as external and internal sessions.
External session: - when user logs on to R/3 system, the system creates a new
terminal session called external session. E.g. System Create Session.

Internal session: - created by calling a transaction (with CALL TRANSACTION), a
dialog module (with CALL DIALOG) or a report (with SUBMIT or RETURN).
For external session: - internal sessions are allowed.

Roll area: - Data areas of used programs are created in roll areas for each internal
Posting data between internal sessions: -

Main program group: - Created when exporting an internal session.

Additional program group: - If a function module belonging to a function group not
so far loaded, additional program group is created.

Subroutine call: - When external subroutine is called, system loads the relevant
program and adds it to the program group of calling program.

Work areas: - Both table & common workareas with the same name are created
once for each program group and then shared by all programs in the group.

List system: - Consists of basic list and all details list belonging to basic list
assigned to exactly one screen level.

User interface: - Only program has its own user interface. Internal sessions
interface is initially empty. Special user interface has to be activated using SET
PF-STATUS statement.

ABAP/4 memory: - Retained only during the lifetime of an external session.

Data cluster: - Group of several data objects.

Data objects: - Units of data, which a program processes at runtime.

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