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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

How do you set up background jobs in SAP?

How do you set up background jobs in SAP? What are the steps? What are events driven batch jobs?

- Create a job using function module JOB-OPEN
- Collect the job specifications.
- Add a job step to the job with the function module JOB-SUBMIT.
- Close the job and pass it to Background processing system for execution with the
function module JOB-CLOSE
- Types = System events ¬ triggered when activation of new operation mode takes
- User events - Triggered from ABAP/4 or external program.
- Triggering an event notifies the background processing that named condition has
been reached. The Background system reacts by starting any jobs that were waiting
for the event.
Transaction codes related to background jobs creation and processing are :-
SM36(Job creation)
SM37(Job selection and execution).

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