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Thursday, June 7, 2007

IBM Content Manager CommonStore Version 7 for Domino, Exchange, and SAP

IBM Content Manager CommonStore is an electronic archive and content management solution designed for the Lotus Domino, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange environments. CommonStore allows you to free system resources, while maintaining access to the stored objects for later reference.
This IBM Redbook helps you design and create CommonStore archival solutions. It contains step-by-step guides that include detailed information on how to set up all three solutions -- Lotus Domino, SAP, and Microsoft Exchange -- on both Windows 2000 and AIX.
Note, this IBM Redbook covers CommonStore for Exchange V7.2, CommonStore for Lotus Domino V7.1, CommonStore for SAP V7.1. It does note cover the latest version of CommonStore, V8.2.
In this redbook, we provide code examples concerning Lotus Script Programming for CSLD and explain how and why they are used.
It also discusses various tasks that you need to make your database "CommonStore ready". This includes outlining the steps that you must perform and some ideas about adding features to the database to make it as easy to use as possible for the end user.


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