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Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Enterprise Integration Functions for Lotus Domino for AS/400

Integrate enterprise AS/400 applications and databases with Lotus Domino for AS/400. This IBM Redbook takes you through the Domino and IBM iSeries server features that allow you to do this. In this redbook, you learn how to call OS/400 stored procedures from Domino and use Java agents in Domino. You also learn how to integrate SAP R/3 with Domino on the iSeries server.

As a follow on to the redbook Lotus Domino for AS/400: Integration with Enterprise Applications, SG24-5345 , this redbook is divided into four primary parts:-
Part One is the only part that is fundamental to the entire book. It deals with setting up an iSeries server so you can easily use it to try the examples in the remaining chapters in this book.
Part Two is about stored procedures and the various ways you can call them from Domino.
Part Three contains samples of using Java in Domino.
Part Four explains how to implement the Lotus SAP R/3 Domino Connector and use it with Domino Enterprise Connection Services (DECS), Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI), and the Lotus Connector LotusScript Extensions (LC LSX) on Domino for AS/400.

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