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Sunday, June 17, 2007


In order to suppress the leading zeros of a number field the keywords used are :

The Command that allows for vertical alignment of fields one below the other.

In order to concatenate strings only for output purposes the command _________
can be used in conjunction with the 'Write' statement.


Data can be moved from one field to another using a 'Write:' Statement and stored
in the desired format.

TRUE. Write : Date_1 to Date_2 format DD/MM/YY.

In order to have boldfaced text as output the command used is

Background and foreground colors can be interchanged using the command
Format inverse.

Which datatype cannot be used to define parameters.
Type F.

For each new event, the system resets all formatting options to their default

The processing block following END-OF-PAGE is processed only if you reserve
lines for the footer in the LINE-COUNT option of the REPORT statement.

To execute a page break under the condition that less than a certain number of
lines is left on a page is acheived by ________________________.
RESERVE n lines.

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