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Thursday, June 7, 2007

SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390: Disaster Recovery

This redbook will help you plan and install a disaster recovery solution for SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390. It is one of a series of redbooks about the SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390 solution and the associated environment.
Many companies are migrating their critical business applications from the legacy mainframe environment to SAP R/3. As these companies depend on information and processes managed by SAP R/3, the availability of the SAP R/3 system, even in the event of a disaster, is essential.
In the context of this book, a disaster is defined as an extended service interruption of the information technology (IT) services of an organization that cannot be corrected within an acceptable predetermined time frame, and that necessitates the use of alternate equipment or an alternate site for recovery.
In this redbook we discuss general issues of disaster recovery, backup and restore processes for SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390, and the disaster recovery process for SAP R/3 on DB2 for OS/390.


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