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Friday, June 29, 2007

Standard SAP Reports

RGUGBR00 Substitution/Validation utility

RHGENZ0/HRGRENZ2 Notes RHGRENZ0/2 will abend if there are any inconsistencies between PD and PA (i.e. people in a different controlling area than the position they belong to).

RHGRENZ0 Delimit IT1000 and related 1001s. Program will delete any 1001 infotypes whose start date is after the delimit date.

RHGRENZ1 Extend the end date on delimited records. Very useful when you delimit a bunch of records incorrectly, and need to change the end date.

RHGRENZ2 Delimit IT1001 only.

RKCTSEAR Search source code for up to two strings. Also see RSRSCAN1 and RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN.

RPDTRA00 List all HR transactions.

RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN Search ABAP code for a string. Has many more options for selecting the ABAPs to search than RSRSCAN1 or RKCTSEAR.

RPUAUD00 HR Report to list all logged changes for an employee. Uses the PCL4 Audit Cluster.

RPUAUDDL HR Report to delete audit data from the PCL4 Audit Cluster.

RPUDELPN Delete all info for an employee number, including cluster data and infotypes

RPUP1D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL1 Cluster

RPUP2D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL2 Cluster

RPUP3D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL3 Cluster

RPUP4D00/10 View/Delete data from PCL4 Cluster

RSABAPIV Mass print/display of ABAP/4 help text

RSAVGL00 Table adjustment across clients

RSBDCBTC Submit a BDC job with an internal batch number and wait for the end of the batch input session.

RSBDCDRU Prints the contents of a Batch Input session. No options for error transactions only.

RSBDCOS0 Execute UNIX commands. Looks similar to the old SAPMSOS0 program that disappeared in 3.0

RSBDCSUB Release batch input sessions automatically

RSBTCDEL Clean the old background job records

RSCLTCOP Copy tables across clients

RSDBCREO Clean batch input session log

RSINCL00 Extended program list

RSORAREL Get the Oracle Release

RSPARAM Display all instance parameters

RSPO0041 Removing old spooling objects
RSRSCAN1 Search source code for a given string. Will also search includes. Also see RKCTSEAR and RPR_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN.
RSSNAPDL Clean the old ABAP error dumps
RSTBSERV Compare a contents of a table between clients
RSTXFCON Converts SAPScript page formats
RSTXSCRP Save a SAPScript layout set to disk, and load it back into SAP.
Transport SAPscript files across systems
RSTXSCRP Upload and download SAPScript layout sets
RSTXTRAN Add standard texts to a transport so they can be moved between systems.
RSUSR003 Check the passwords of users SAP* and DDIC in all clients
RSUSR006 List users last login
RSWBO052 Change development class of a sapscript (provided by Alan Cecchini)
RSWBO060 put objects into a request and transport it to any other system
RFSKPL00 Global chart of accounts(General data)+B106
RFSKVZ00 Local chart of accounts(Ccode specific)
RFBELJ00 transaction journal
RFSLD00 Trial balance
RFBILA00 balance sheet /P&L
RFHABU00 balance audit trail
RFSKTH00 Financial policy manual
RFBUSU00 Postings totla
RFSABL00 Changes to g/l account
RFEPOJ00 Line item journal
SAPMV45A Sales Order Processing
SAPMM06E Purchase Order Processing
SAPMF02K Vendor master
SAPMM03M Material master
SAPLF0180 Balance sheet readjustment
RSWBO052 Change Development Class
Converts page format
RSTXSCRP upload/Download layout sets
RSTXCHKO To Correct Inconsistencies in Copying Script
RAALTD11 Asset master upload

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