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Monday, June 4, 2007

TASD40_1 : Sales & Distribution (Part I)

  • TASD40_1 : Sales & Distribution (Part I)

    Release 4.6B
    April 2000
    Material number 50037268

    Size: 5.50MB
    Pages: 401


    - Detailed knowledge of business processes in selected application areas
    - Basic knowledge of graphical user interfaces (GUI) such as Microsoft Windows.
    - Foundation Knowledge in SD (TASD10 or alternative standard courses)


    This course will prepare you to Gain the basic knowledge and understanding of the R/3 system in order to effectively implement one of the following application areas:
    - Accounting
    - Controlling
    - Sales and Distribution
    - Materials Management
    - Production and Production Planning
    - Human Resources

    After completion of this course you can work as a project member under the guidance of a senior consultant .


  • Partner Academy

  • Overview
    Introduction to SAP
    SAP Services
    Co-operative Business Scenarios
    System-wide Concepts

  • Sales

    Enterprise structures in Sales
    Overview of Sales Processes
    Master Data in Sales
    Sales order processing
    Unit Sales from Stock - Available
    Sales document type
    Item category
    Schedule line category
    Data flow


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