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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Using Tivoli to Manage a Large-Scale SAP R/3 Environment

Effective management of a large-scale SAP R/3 environment requires that each layer of the underlying IT infrastructure - networks, systems, databases, middleware, and applications - be addressed under a single, integrated, and centralized monitoring and reporting environment. Using this multi disciplinary, "big picture" approach, companies can remain proactive in deploying and monitoring SAP applications and the associated infrastructure components that may impact access to business critical data.

Tivoli’s management products for SAP R/3 build on core Tivoli management applications and support the Tivoli approach to unified, comprehensive enterprise management. This approach allows R/3 to be managed as part of the enterprise and with the same tools that are used to manage the entire enterprise. Tivoli Enterprise software allows organizations to simplify the management of complex environments with offering like the Tivoli management solution for R/3, enabling continual operation of systems that drive customers' businesses.

In this redbook, we describe the intricacies of managing a large-scale SAP R/3 environment using the Tivoli Enterprise Software products. Special attention is given to the cornerstone of Tivoli’s solution for R/3 management - The Tivoli Manager for R/3. This redbook details the setup and use of the latest version (2.0) of the Tivoli Manager for R/3. In addition, we also focus on the other components of Tivoli’s comprehensive solution for SAP management. These products include Tivoli Database Manager Product that enables management of SAP’s underlying database, Tivoli Decision Support for SAP R/3 that enables an analysis of SAP R/3 system activities, Tivoli Application Performance Management that allow you to measure SAP R/3 performance, as well as Tivoli Global Enterprise Manager that enables a business systems topology view of the SAP environment.

Detailed scenarios are documented for use by customers or service providers in client engagements.


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