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Thursday, June 7, 2007

WebSphere Business Integration for SAP

The need to integrate heterogeneous environments without replacing existing IT infrastructures is growing more and more. Standard application providers offer a wide range of business applications, running on different platforms, and implemented in different languages. A sophisticated Enterprise Service Architecture is required to overcome the challenges implied by such a heterogeneous infrastructure and make the whole enterprise controllable.

The WebSphere Business Integration architecture provides different Integration brokers and a multitude of application and technology adapters. It is an essential software component in IBM's e-business on demand strategy. SAP Exchange Infrastructure is SAP’s strategic technology platform for process integration and connectivity of SAP components and non-SAP components.
This IBM Redbook illustrates how to integrate data and processes located in SAP back-end systems using WebSphere Business Integration middleware technology. It describes two WebSphere Business Integration adapters:

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for SAP V5.5.0IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapter for SAP Exchange Infrastructure V1.0
These adapters are utilized to demonstrate the integration capabilities they provide.


Useful E-Book :

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