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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What is an interactive reports ?

What is an interactive reports ? What is the obvious difference of such reports with HTML type reports?

Interactive reporting allows the user to participate actively in retrieving and presenting
data during the session. Instead of one extensive and detailed list, with interactive
reporting you create a condensed basic list from which the user can call detailed
information by positioning the cursor and entering commands. Interactive reporting thus
reduces information retrieval to the data actually required.
Detailed information is presented in secondary lists. A secondary list may either overlay
the basic list completely or appear in an additional dialog window on the same screen.
The secondary list can itself be interactive again.
Apart from creating secondary lists, interactive reporting also allows to call transactions
or other reports from lists. These programs then use values displayed in the list as input
values. The user can, for example, call a transaction from within a list to change the
database table whose data is displayed in the list.

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