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Monday, July 2, 2007

Configuration Related Transactions

OLE OLE demo transaction

OLI0 C Plant Maintenance Master Data

OLI1 Set Up INVCO for Material Movements

OLI8 Set Up SIS for Deliveries

OLIA C Maintenance Processing

OLIP C Plant Maintenance Planning

OLIQ New set-up of QM info system

OLIX Set Up Copying/Deleting of Versions

OLIY Set Up Deletion of SIS/Inter.Storage

OLIZ Stat Set Up INVCO: Invoice Verif

OLM2 Customizing: Volume-Based Rebates

OLMB C RM-MAT Inventory Management Menu


OLME C MM Menu: Purchasing

OLML C MM Menu for Warehouse Management

OLMR C RM-MAT Menu: Invoice Verification

OLMS C RM-MAT Master Data Menu

OLMW C RM-MAT Valuation/Acct. Assgt. Menu

OLPA SOP Configuration

OLPE Sales order value

OLPK Customizing for capacity planning

OLPR Project System Options

OLPS Customizing Basic Data

OLPV Customizing: Std. Value Calculation

OLQB C QM QM in Procurement

OLQI Analysis

OLQM Customizing QM Quality Notifications

OLQS C QM Menu Basic Data

OLQW C QM Inspection Management

OLQZ Quality Certificates

OLS1 Customizing for Rebates

OLSD Customizing: SD

OLVA C SD Sales Menu

OLVD C SD Shipping Menu

OLVF C SD Billing Menu

OLVS C SD Menu for Master Data

SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide)

General Notes

You can execute the following commands in the transaction code (tcode) field with Enter. You will find some useful transaction codes below to work in tandem with the following commands:

To call a transaction - In the same session (window) Enter: /nxxxx (xxxx = transaction code). - In an additional session, Enter: /oxxxx (xxxx = transaction code).

If you enter this function before any of the tcodes below, you are able to break out of your current screen/business and begin a completely new session. Otherwise, the current business process has to be terminated, and return to the initial user screen (the main menu) has to be initiated before entering tcode spro). /o tcode saves you the effort of having to do this.

To end the current transaction Enter: /n. Caution: Unsaved changes are lost without warning

To delete the current session. Enter: /i.

To generate a session list Enter: /o.

To log off from the system Enter: /nend.

From John O'Meara

OSS Note 0026171 has additional information on OKCodes in SAP, and is a very useful read

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