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Monday, July 2, 2007

FI Financial Management Transactions

FGRP Report Writer screen

FM12 View blocked documents by user

FST2 Insert language specific name for G/L account.

FST3 Display G/L account name.

KEA0 Maintain operating concern.

KEKE Activate CO-PA.

KEKK Assign operating concern.

KL04 Delete activity type.

KS04 Delete a cost centre.

KSH2 Change cost centre group - delete.

OBR2 Deletion program for customers, vendors, G/L accounts.

OKC5 Cost element/cost element group deletion.

OKE1 Delete transaction data.

OKE2 Delete a profit centre.

OKI1 Determine Activity Number: Activity Types (Assignment of material number/service to activity type)

OMZ1 Definition of partner roles.

OMZ2 Language dependent key reassignment for partner roles.

1KEL Create Profit Center doument

F.01 ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet

F.02 Compact Journal

F.08 G/L account balance(With Credit and Debit values)

F.23 A/R:Customer Balances

F.27 A/R: Periodic Account Statements

F.27 A/R: Periodic Account Statements

F.42 A/P Account Balances(Vendor balances)

F101 ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet Adjustment

FBL3 Display G/L Account Line Items

FBL5 Display Customer line items

FBME Banking

FI01-03 Create ,Change ,Display Bank Master

FS10 G/L account balance

GR55 Report Writer

KO02 Change Internal Order : Master Data

FKMN Area Menu for Account Payable

FDMN Area Menu for Account Receivable

FSMN Area Menu for General ledger

F-01 Enter Sample Document

F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting

F-03 Clear G/L Account

F-04 Post with Clearing

F-05 Post Forgn Currency Valuation

F-06 Post Incoming Payments

F-07 Post Outgoing Payments

FB01-03 Post/change/display : Document

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