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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Introduction to SAP Workflow

Problems of Office & administration process

Long lead times due to high transport and wait times
Lack of transparency of processes connected to high work distribution

Historically grown task assignments
Inefficient communications between process participants
Data entered more than once

Reorganize your business process

Goals of reorganizing Business

(i)Increase transparency of procedures used
(ii)Increase employees responsibility
(iii)Focus on the interest of the customer
(iv)Better quality management

Why SAP Business Workflow?

(i)Is tailored to customer needs and developments
(ii)Is a tool for the automization of business processes
(iii)Is not tied to any particular application
(iv)Operates uniformly across applications
(v)Coordinates all participating tasks
(vi)Provides users with active support

Why SAP Business Workflow?
(1)You can use the SAP Business Workflow system to support your enterprise processes in R/3
(2)The SAP Business Workflow system is able to combine steps from different applications into one process
(3)The SAP Business Workflow system supplies the end user with all the information required for the next step.

Why SAP Business Workflow?

SAP Business Workflow is a cross-application tool that makes it possible to integrate business tasks across departments, applications and system boundaries.
It is a tool that automates business processes in a flexible and transparent way and maps the individual tasks to the users so that a push technology informs and helps the users through the process. Steps which do not require user intervention are carried out automatically, along with business logic and escalation procedures.

SAP Business Workflow

Designed to handle all process dimensions
The Process (Business)

Business Workflow Features

Workflow provides a number of tools for defining and analyzing workflows as well as for monitoring operation. They are:
(1)Workflow Builder
(2)Business Object Builder
(3)Business Workplace
(4)System Admin Tools

Workflow Builder
It is for displaying and making changes to workflows. We can make
Small extensions directly to the original workflows supplied by SAP,
such as carrying out your own agent assignments or changing
deadline monitoring.

Business Object Builder

Business Objects are used to make the functions of the R/3 Systems available to a workflow, this objects can be defined and analyze here. These business objects are made available to the workflow in reusable tasks, thus introducing object Orientation

Business Workplace
This is the area where the end user receives information about the
activities they are to carry out. This provides them with a central
overview of all the activities that they are authorized to carry out.
They can commence the activities from here.

What can a Workflow Management System Do?

A Workflow Management System facilitates the electronic processing of structured processes which

(1)Include a range of activities,
(2)Always occur in a similar or identical form,
(3)involve several people or departments and
(4)require a high degree of coordination
(5)workflow Management Systems control processes
(6)according to a predefined model and are especially
(7)suited to structured organizations

Workflow Benefits for the End User

(1)Faster, simpler access to information
(2)Less effort for administrative tasks
(3)Easier learning and understanding of processes

Workflow Benefits for Management
Better control
(1)of information
(2)of deadlines
(3)of service levels
Flexible change
(1)of processes
(2)of organizational structure
(3)of underlying technology

To be Continued..........

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