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Monday, July 2, 2007

Sales and Distribution (SD) Transactions

OLSD Config for SD. Use Tools-Data Transfer-Conditions to setup SAP supplied BDC to load pricing data

V101 Sales Initial Screen

VA07 Comparison of sales order with PR and PO ,compares date ,quantity etc

VD01-VD03 Create/change/display Customer : Sales Area

FD01-FD03 Create/change/display Customer : Accounting

XD01-XD03 Createchange/display Customer : Company Code and Sales Area

VL01-VL03 Delivery maintanance

VF01-VF03 billing maintanance

VA01-VA03 Create/change/display Sales Order

VA21-VA23 Create/change/display Quotation

VA11-VA13 Create/change/display Inquiry

VA41-VA43 Create/change/display Contract

MR01 Process Incoming Invoice

TVTY Packaging Material Types

VB21 Transaction for Volume Lease Purchases (done as a sales deal)

VK15 Transaction used to enter multiple sales conditions (most will be entered here)

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