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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SAP Standard Function Module-Selection Screen ,System Information

(1) Selection Screen


"This FM gives an F4 help for a parameter/select-option for a field which doesnot have a valuetable in DDIC. The FM can be used as under:

retfield = inttable field name within quotes
value_org = 'S'
value_tab = fetched values of parnr
return_tab = any int.table of this type
parameter_error = 1
no_values_found = 2
OTHERS = 3. return_tab contains the field value selected by the user at run-time. field fieldval has to be read from this internal table and assigned to the respective selection-screen field. "

Stores the selection screen data in an internal table.

(c) RS_LIST_SELECTION_TABLE Writes selection screen contents on the output list. This will help the user see the selection criteria of the report along with the program output.
Selection Screen RS_SET_SELSCREEN_STATUS Sets another GUI status defined in the same ABAP program, or deactivates functions of the standard GUI status.

RS_VARIANT_EXISTS Checks whether a variant exists
RS_CREATE_VARIANT Checks whether a variant exists
RS_CHANGE_CREATED_VARIANT Change a created variant
RS_EXTERNAL_SELSCREEN_STATUS Sets a GUI status defined in an external function group. You must use the SET PF-STATUS statement to set the status in a special function module in this function group. You must pass the name of the function module that sets the status as a parameter to the function module RS_EXTERNAL_SELSCREEN_STATUS.

(2) System Information

TH_SYSTEM_INFO Gets the SAP system information like the OS, database etc

DYNP_VALUES_READ Captures field contents of a SAP screen into an internal table. This is especially useful in field exits.

TH_CREATE_MODE Creates a new SAP session.

CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT/OUTPUT Adds/ removes leading zeroes from a numeric string

CONVERSION_EXIT_CUNIT_INPUT/OUTPUT Converts between external and internal representations of unit of measure.

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