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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Standard Function Module : BDC , Miscellaneous ,File , Calender

(1) BDC

(i)BDC_RECORD_PLAY Run A BDC Session using a Session name and the QID
(ii)BDC_RECORD_FUNCTION_CREATE Create a FM for that BDC recording.
(iii)BDC_RECORD_DATA_CREATE Creating test data for BDC.
1. First we need to ENQUEUE the BDC using QID using the FM 'ENQUEUE_BDC_QID'
2.To run in background we need to open a JOB and submit the code to the standard program 'RSBDCBTC'

(vi)RSBDCBTC This program will process the BDC session in background.

(vii)PERFORM enqueue_tab IN PROGRAM saplsvix USING 'ZSDT_STK_REQ' v_key c_e c_e. Perform to lock a single entry of table-Note this case is only applicable if there is a maintenance view of the table.

(viii) TH_REMOTE_TRANSACTION Run a transaction on a remote server. Optionally provide BDC data to be used in the transaction

(2) Miscellaneous

(i)HELP_VALUES_GET_NO_DD_NAMEThis is used to display the F4 values for any field.
(ii)Z_MESSAGE_DISPLAY To display Message Logs as an ALV.
(iii)DD_SHLP_CALL_FROM_DYNPThis function is used to provide F4 help using matchcodes.
(iv)WWW_LIST_TO_HTMLAfter running a report, call this function to convert the list output to HTML.
(v)WS_VOLUME_GETGet the label from a frontend device.
(vi)WS_MSG Create a dialog box in which you display an one line message
(vii)WS_EXECUTE execute a program on a windows PC
(viii)WS_EXCEL Start EXCEL on the PC
(ix)WRITE_LIST Useful for writing out the list contents that result from the function LIST_FROM_MEMORY.
(x)UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLEconvert weights from one UOM to another.
(xi)TMP_GUI_DIRECTORY_LIST_FILESRetrieve all of the files and subdirectories on the Presentation Server (PC) for a given directory. When a value other than * or *.* is used for the filter, you will not get any directories, unless they match your wildcard filter. For example, if you entered *.png, then only files and directories that end in png will be returned by the function
(xii)TH_USER_LISTShow which users are logged into an app server
(xiii) TH_USER_INFOGive information about the current user (sessions, workstation logged in from, etc)
(xiv) TH_DELETE_USER Logoff a user. Similar results to using SM04.
(xv) TERMINAL_ID_GETReturn the terminal id
(xvi) SXPG_COMMAND_LIST_GET Select a list of external OS command definitions.
(xvii)SXPG_COMMAND_EXECUTECheck a user's authorization to use a command, as in SXPG_COMMAND_CHECK. If the authorization check is successful, then execute the command on the target host system.
(xviii) SXPG_COMMAND_DEFINITION_GETRead the definition of a single external OS command from the R/3 System's database.
(xviv) SXPG_COMMAND_CHECK Check whether the user is authorized to execute the specified command on the target host system with the specified arguments.
(xx)SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM you can check the user's authorization for the specified command and run the command. The command runs on the host system on which the function module is executed. The function module is RFC capable. It can therefore be run on the host system at which a user happens to be active or on another designated host system at which an R/3 server is active.
(xxi)TH_POPUP Display a popup system message on a specific users screen.


WS_FILENAME_GET Call File Selector
WS_FILE_DELETE Delete File at the Frontend
UPLOAD_FILES Will load one or more files from app or presentation server
UPLOAD upload a file to the presentation server (PC)


WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAYFor a given week (YYYYMM format), this function returns the date of the Monday of that week.

(5)System Information

Get the UNIX environment

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