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Monday, July 16, 2007

Workflow Benefits for the company

Increase production
Clearing backlog
Distribution of information and work
Every user gets his work list automatically from the system

Accelerating the processes

You will get cash discount more often
Better/quicker reaction to errors

Customers are more satisfied
Processes are more quickly finished
Better return on information

Workflow is Not ..!!!!

(1)Simply document administration and imaging; although Workflow uses both
(2)Standard E-mail and groupware – although Workflow uses these
(3)Data distribution across multiple systems: EDI / ALE is used for this purpose
(4)Screen sequence management within a transaction .
(5)Management of temporary data, management of “one time” processes
(6)Repetitive work of a single type, e. g. goods movements.

A tool to fill functionality gaps!

Advantages of Using Workflow

Transparent business processes
(i)For modeling and defining
(ii)Rules, templates
(iii)Organizational principles

At runtime
(i)Current status
(ii)of a certain business object
(iii)the entire process


(i)Weak point analysis
(ii)Optimization and adaptation
(iii)Deadline monitoring (max. processing time)
(iv)Automatic notification

Task assignment according to responsibility
(i)Along the organizational structure
(ii)Job description, requirements profile
(iii)Inheritance hierarchy
(v)Organizational principles
(vi)Attributes of business objects
(vii)Task assignment according to responsibility

To be Continued...

ALso Downlaod Workflow Tutorial PDF

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