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Sunday, August 5, 2007

SAP Web Application Server :Developing BSP Applications

BSP Training Part 1 :

Content :
Course Overview
(i)Course Goals
(ii)Course Objectives

Unit1:The SAP Web Application Server
(i)System Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server

Unit2:Business Server Pages : Programming Model
(i)Business Server Pages: Introduction
(ii)Layout of a Business Server Page
(iii)Processing User Input

Unit3:Layout and Language

(i)Including MIME Objects
(ii)Adjusting the Layout

Unit4:BSP Extensions

(i)BSP Extensions : HTMLB
(ii)Composite Elements
(iii)Model View Controller for BSPs

Unit5 : Special Topics

(i)User Concepts and Logon Procedures
(ii)Connecting to SAP Systems Through RFC
(iii)Utilities for Creating BSP Applications
(iv)Other Topics


(i)UML Diagrams

Download BSP Training Part 1:

Download BSP Training Part 2:

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