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Friday, September 14, 2007


SAP provides a conversion for SAPscript into SMARTforms.

There are two way through which you can convert sapscript into smartforms.

This is basically a function module, called FB_MIGRATE_FORM.

You can start this function module by hand (via SE37), or create a small ABAP which migrates all SAPscript forms automatically.

You can also do this one-by-one in transaction SMARTFORMS, under
Utilities -> Migrate SAPscript form.
You could also write a small batch program calling transaction SMARTFORMS and running the migration tool.

Note :

While Converting sapscript into smartforms,only layout has passed.But you have do all logic coding in your smartforms.

Steps :

(1) Understand logic of sapscript program.
(2) Understand SAP script windows data.

Now make your technical Design Accordingly,and now do code accordingly for your smartforms.

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