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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

SAP Upgrading-Transaction SPDD, SPAU

Support Pack?

Support Packs are the upgrades we get for one release of SAP. For example, for component 4.7 you have support pack levels too (you can see this in transaction SPAM). SAP releases support packs for standard corrections which you can also implement separately through OSS notes (if you do not want the import the support pack). OSS notes might not carry all the changes that the SP might bring.

These are the two activities that an ABAPer does during upgrade:

1. SPDD: This is for data dictionary corrections. If any standard tables have been modified, then that object appears in the list and you have to adjust it again after comparing the versions.

2. SPAU: This is for repository objects (programs, functions, classes, etc.). These have to be compared to the previous versions too and any missing bespoke code is to re-inserted. However, there are a few cases where it need not.

More Details;

Steps :

( (1) All Z programs and customization are adjusted in repository.

(2) Using these transaction the sap prepare phase undertakes all these.

( (3) Then u might have to take the Combined and Unicode C process which is like combined upgrade and uniconverison as well.

(4) First step is to change all ABAP programs to Unicode enabled.

(5) You have to run a upgrade tool called SPUM4.

( (6) Then u have to do data maintainence consistency check etc.

(7) Actually all this is done automatically when you run SAPUP and sapprepare.

(8) Run SPDD and SPAU transaction for data dictionary correction and repositary.

More Details;

Transaction SPDD allows you to process Data dictionary objects needing adjustment. You should be very careful while making/accepting the changes as the impact is more than changing the program. The delay in SPDD will delay the upgrade project. The time frame for SPDD is before downtime and SPDD is performed in sand box client

OSS note adjustment is also a part of SPDD, where we either reset the OSS note (It will come default with the upgrade version) or apply the OSS note (If OSS note is applicable for our release and if possible note should be applied using SNOTE.)

Transaction SPAU allows you to process Repository objects needing adjustment.
This task involves changing/accepting the SAP standard object brought in by SAP because of upgrade. We might wish to retain the changes from previous version in SAP standard object because of typical business scenario. SPAU comes after the downtime phase of upgrade and is carried in normal client.

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