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Friday, December 7, 2007

Returning to report and refresh data after call to selection screen

The scenario:

You have a report, and call a dialog screen where you modify data in the reports underlying table. After modifying the data you want to return to the report screen, and have it refreshed so that i displays the changes in the underlying table.

report zrev03 no standard page heading.

* Initial display of report
perform write_report.

* You have to display your own report headings that called from both the main report and the
* sub report ( The second display )

perform page_header.

top-of-page during line-selection.
perform page_header.

case sy-ucomm.
when 'CHG'.
* Call dialog screen where data chenages are input. The code could be something like:
set parameter id 'ZR1' field itab-zzrevomr.
call transaction 'ZRE3'.

* After you return from the dialog screen you want to remove the old report so you
* don't redisplay it when you use the back button
sy-lsind = 0.
* Write the report again with new data
perform write_report.

form write_report.
*Here goes code that retrieves data for the report and write it, it could be something like:
select * from zrevomr into table itab.
loop at itab.
write: / itab-zzrevomr, itab-zzrevomrtx.


form page_header.
* .... Code for page header

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