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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Understanding the Components of a Work Process

Each work process has four components

Each work process is composed of the following:

(1)A task handler
(2)An ABAP/4 interpreter
(3)A screen interpreter
(4)A database interface

All requests pass through the task handler, which then funnels the request to the appropriate part of the work process.

The interpreters interpret the ABAP/4 code. Notice that there are two interpreters: the ABAP/4 interpreter and the screen interpreter. There are actually two dialects of ABAP/4. One is the full-blown ABAP/4 data processing language and the other is a very specialized screen processing language. Each is processed by its own interpreter.

The database interface handles the job of communicating with the database.

Understanding the Types of Work Processes

There are seven types of work processes. Each handles a specific type of request. The type of work processes and the types of requests that they handle .

WP TypeRequest Type
D(Dialaog)Dialog requests
V(Update)Requests to update data in the database
B(Background)Background jobs
S(Spool)Print spool requests
E(Enqueue)Logical lock requests
M(Message)Routes messages between application servers within an R/3 system
G(Gateway)Funnels messages into and out of the R/3 system

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