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Saturday, January 5, 2008

SAP Function modules Related to Files

WS_UPLOAD - File transfer from presentation server file to internal table

WS_DOWNLOAD - File Transfer From Internal Table to Presentation Server File

WS_DOWNLOAD - Save Internal Table as File on the Presentation Server

WS_FILE_DELETE - Delete File at the Frontend

WS_FILENAME_GET - Call File Selector

FILENAME_GET - popup to get a filename from a user, returns blank filename if user selects cancel

LIST_DOWNLOAD - Download of ABAP list (Report) to local file

LIST_TO_ASCI - Converts the specified list (LIST_INDEX) or the provided list (LISTOBJECT) to ASCII.

RZL_READ_FILE - Read a file from the presentation server if no server name is given, or read file from remote server. Very useful to avoid authority checks that occur doing an OPEN DATASET. This function using a SAP C program to read the data.

RZL_WRITE_FILE_LOCAL - Saves table to the presentation server (not PC). Does not use OPEN DATASET, so it does not suffer from authority checks!

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