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Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to handle BARCODE in smartforms and Sap script

Bar code can be printed from any Microsoft WIndows Printer.

Steps to Follow :

(i)Define the printer in the SAP spool system with device type SWINs.
(ii)Select the access method S in the printer definition in the spool system
(iii)Install a.DLL file for bar codes on your Microsoft Windows PC.
(iv)Barcode dll does not come with SAP. Hence you should make arrangement for the .dll file yourself.

No special font cartridge is required as the .dll converts the barcode into graphics. Hence any printer that prints graphics can print the barcode.

The bar code .DLL must meet the following requirements:

It must be compatible with your Microsoft Windows printers and with the SAPSprint Service that is running on the Microsoft Windows PC.

The bar code.DLL must offer a programming interface is compatible with SAPSprint. For details about this interface and about compatible products, see SAP Note 25344 in the SAP Service Marketplace.

The .DLL file must be named BARCODE.DLL.
The .DLL file must be located in one of these directories:
The winnt directory
The directory in which xSprint.exe resides.
For Detail Theory of barcode :
Study This :

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