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Monday, December 29, 2008

Five Ways to Delete Entry from Table

Tip 1. Write the abap program.

loop at itab.
DELETE FROM "For Single Record
DELETE FROM TABLE " For Multiple Records

2. Write BDC program.
Deletion data should be in flat file and Delete the Entry when required.

3. If data is in Custom tables

a. if table Maintenance exits : go to sm30, give the table name ---> display --> change
Select the Entries - ---> delete.
4. se11 ---> Table---> Display ---->Table content ---> Give Selection data ---> Edit ---> Delete selection entries.


Display data ----> Select Entries to be deleted---> table entry (menu item) ----> delete.

5. Go to se16 --> Enter table name ---> Enter selection entries --->
Execute --> Edit ---> Delete selection entries.

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