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Monday, December 15, 2008

Important Transaction in Workflow

SWDD Workfow Builder
PFAC Maintain Standard Role
PFTC Maintain Tasks
PFOM Create Organizational Assignments
PPOME Organization and Staffing Change
PPWFBUF Refresh client buffer
SWB_COND Workflow start conditions
SWEC Events for change document overview
SWEL Display Event Trace
SWELS Switch Event Trace on/off
SWES Consistancy Check for Event Linkage
SWETYPV Event Type Linkage
SWI1 Selection Report for Work Items
SWI11 Where used list for Tasks
SWI13 Authorization to Execute and Start Tasks
SWI14 Display workflow from object type
SWI2_DIAG Diagnosis of work item with errors
SWI2_FREQ Work items per task
SWI5 Workload analysis (by org unit)
SWI6 Workflows for object
SWIA Execute work items without agent check
SWL1 Dynamic columns for business workplace
SWPR Workflow restart after error
SWU0 Event simulation

SWU10 Workflow Trace Delete
SWU3 Verify workflow customizing (traffic light summary)
SWU8 Workflow Trace On/Off
SWU9 Workflow Trace Display
SWUD Workflow diagnostic tool
SWUE Event creation
SWUF Administration of workflow run time systems (delete work items, error monitoring)
SWUI Start Workflow (Split Screen)
SWUS Start Workflow (Test Environment)
SWWL Delete Work Item

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