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Sunday, February 1, 2009

WorkFlow Step2 : Create a business object

Give the business object name prefixed with Z_.

Enter the following fields with values:
Object type: Z_TESTXX
This is the internal technical key. Page: 1
Object type can have maximum 10 characters. This must be unique across all object type. Objects are specific instances of object types at runtime.

Object name: Object_Name_for_XX
The object type is addressed with this name by external applications. This is a descriptive English name and can be up to 32 characters. This also must be unique across all object type.

Name: Object Name: XX
This is a meaningful name of the business object.

Description: Object Description: XX
Page: 1
Object description, can be up to 40 characters.

Program: Z_TESTXX
Each object type has an ABAP/4 program in which methods of the object are implemented. This program is generated automatically when you create or revise an object type.

Application: *
Page: 1
* indicates cross application.

Should you need to extend the components of an SAP delivered object, you can create a subtype and then “delegate” it back up to its supertype. This means that the supertype transparently acquires the new functionality. If this supertype is referenced by any SAP or custom application, the new functionality is available. Any supertype may have at most one delegation assigned to it. Delegations are client independent. Use the menu path Settings >System-wide to create a delegation.

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