Learn ABAP HR Online-Overview & Features in HR Programming

Overview & Features in HR Programming
The aim in the Human Resources component is to be able to process employee related data according to business requirements in an effective structure.The Human Resources module uses a system of data grouped together called infotypes.Infotypes mirror a quantity of connected data records; infotypes are identifiable through a four character numerical string [e.g. infotype Addresses (0006)] and a complete listing is included.You can save the infotypes as time-dependent to enable a retroactive evaluation ofEmployee data.The infotypes appear as an entry screen for the user, through which you can maintain infotype records. Infotypes can be processed individually or in fast entry mode.
Difference from conventional ABAP
Advanced Business Application Programming ABAP is SAP's fourth generation language. All of R/3's applications and even parts of its basic system are developed in ABAP. ABAP is used for customization and modification of SAP applications.In HR ABAP use of select statements significantly less than in other areas of ABAP development, Logical databases have limited applications in other modules but are very useful in HR. Also, you really need to understand the infotype time constraint concept, When you cannot get the information that you need out of the logical DB look at the function modules starting with HR* and RH*. These function modules will provide you with multiple ways of accessing data to save time. Worst-case scenario, use a select statement.