Example: The IDoc Type ORDERS01

To allow an interference, here is a sample of IDoc type ORDERS01 which is used for purchase
orders and sales orders.

Purchasing and sales orders naturally share the same IDoc type because what is a
purchase order on the sender side will become a sales order on the receiver side.
Other than MATMAS01, the IDoc type ORDERS01 does not reflect the structure of
the underlying RDB entity, neither the one of SD (VA01) nor the one of MM
(ME21). The structure is rather derived from the EDI standards used in the
automobile industry. Unfortunately, this does not make it easier to read.
Note: With transaction WE05 you can monitor, if there are already any IDocs in
your system.

You can call transaction WE30 to display the structure of the IDoc type of the found
If this IDoc would have been written to a file, the file content would have looked
similar to this:

...E1EDKA1 ....and here the data
...E1EDKA2 ....and here the data
...E1EDP19 ....and here the data