Working with Standard SAP Script

In recent time there is very less requirement of SAP script scratch development. We generally work with the standard script which is already available in the system. We don't modify any standard script. There is a process to have the client copy of the standard script. Hence we copy the standard one to custom and then we can modify it as per the requirement.

Step 1: Go to NACE transaction to find out the name of the required standard script.

Step 2: Here we can see a lot of functional requirement and we have chosen the Billing. Then click on the Output type.

Step 3: Now we are in the display of output type. Click on the change button and then Position button.

Step 4: We shall need the output entry. Click on F4 help.

Step 5: All of the output types are displayed here. Now we have to choose the proper one.

Step 6: Now select the RD00 (invoice) for this case and then double click on Processing routines.

Step 7: Now we can see Program name, form name etc. If there is any smartform available then it will be mentioned under PDF/SmartForm.

Step 8: Now go to SE71 and type enter that form name (RVINVOICE01) for this case. Go to Utilities > Copy from client.

Step 9: We maintain the naming convention here as follows. We also can see the source client here.

Step 10: Save it and maintain a transport request.

Step 11: Now the form has been copied between clients.

Step 12: Now we can edit the custom form from SE71. Here we have to maintain the source language by which the form was created. For this form the source language was German (DE).

Step 13: Go to Page window > Main window.

Step 14: We want to create a Graphic here.

Step 15: Select the required Graphic and activate the form.

Step 16: Now go to the NACE again and the processing routines. Enter the newly updated custom form name.

Step 17: To check this go to VF03 - Billing document display.

Step 18: Enter a billing document number.

Step 19: Go to Billing Document > Issue output to.

Step 20: Select the invoice and click on the print preview.

Step 21: Finally we can see the form output which now contains the Graphic.