Field Exit

We can customize a field data of any standard transaction by using Field Exit. In the following example we are using VA01 transaction (standard one). At the address section we have a field called Telephone and we shall customize it to Phone No.

1.       Go to transaction VA01.

2.       Enter a vendor and check address.

3.       Press F1 after having the cursor on the Telephone field and then click Technical information.

4.       Double click on the Data Element. The text needs to be changed to Phone No.

5.       Go to CMOD and then Go to > Text element > Keywords > Change.

6.       Now mention that data element and hit enter.

7.       Now the data element will open with editable format.

8.       Change it and save it.

9.       After saving it will be activated.

10.   We can display the logs based on the user who changes accordingly.

11.   Now again if we open the VA01 transaction then we can see that there is Phone No. 

12.   If it is reverted it to its previous text then the system will remove the last log.